Texaco Xpress Lube with car wash at one place



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It is our way of thanking you for you business at Xpresslube over the years. 

 At Xpress Lube we have certified professionals and well-trained automotive experts, who perform general maintenance as per manufacturer's guidelines. They are here to make your life easier, by keeping your car performing at its best. We strive to provide the highest level of service and Quality.

Xpress Lube is proud to operate a GREEN CERTIFIED car wash. We do our part to protect the environment by using reclaimed oil, conserving energy, by preventing pollution. Our water is heated by using used oil to save natural resources. Bays are heated by burning the used oil.

Xpress Lube is proud to go GREEN. Join us in protecting the environment. We use used oil in a smoke-free and pollution-free furnaces to heat water and the washing-bays. By getting car services at Xpress Lube, you are helping protect both your engine and the environment. Because every time you visit Xpress Lube, your used oil and filters will be disposed off in a safe, environment-friendly manner. What's more important, a properly serviced car runs efficiently and releases fewer pollutants into the environment.




  • Xpress Lube with car-wash at one place.
  • We offer "Fleet Account Services "   Contact us for further details




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Save time !! Enjoy Xpress lube with a car-wash at one location!!!